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Foundation for Youth In Technology Founded in 2012 by the Aubut Family in memory of their son Zachariah Aubut. Zachariah was a Junior at MHS and had an untimely passing on Christmas Eve of 2011. His family was inspired to create this foundation after learning of the positive impact that Maui High's CTE Industry and Technology Program had on their son. This impact was revealed after Zach's death through an essay he had written just 2 months prior.
Hawaii Academies Visit this webpage to see a list of all Hawaii high schools that offer Smaller Learning Communities/Academies on campus. 
Maui High Band Homepage of the Award Winning, Maui High School Band!  You will find information about the program's goals as well as video/audio clips of the band's work.
Maui High Learning Center Maui High School Science and Technology Learning Center homepage
Maui High Robotics Our Maui High Robotics website for FRC and VEX.
Maui High School Foundation The Maui High School Foundation strives to promote and foster the development of Maui High School. Visit their website to learn more about who they are, what they do, and how you can support their efforts in supporting Maui High School.
MHS Driver Education Information regarding Maui High's Driver Education program.  For information, please contact Ms. Jeenna Canche at  You may call the school at 873-3000 and ask to be connected to Ms. Canche, however, it is requested that no phone calls be made during instructional hours (8am-2pm) as Ms. Canche teaches during this time.
Online Grades SnapGrades has changed its name to Jupiter Grades. Parents and students may need new passwords to access this system. Please refer to the handout provided at registration for information.

Please note, while the system can provide real-time information about student progress, teachers are only required to update grades for academic eligibility (every two weeks). To ensure that the grades reflect your child's most recent progress, please contact his/her teacher.
Online Grades Parent Tutorial Parents new to Snapgrades are recommended to view the tutorial to gain a better understanding on how use the program in monitoring their child's grades.
TeenBiz is a reading program utilized at Maui High School.  Many 9th and 10th grade courses create assignments in TeenBiz for course credit.