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CSI Camp 2017:   Do you want to be a Crime Scene Investigator?  Are you interested in a career in forensics?  The Maui Police Department is hosting a CSI Camp from June 19 - 23.  Interested students should pick up an application from B100.  Spaces are limited so students should apply as soon as possible.

ACT/SAT Test Fee Waivers

Are you a senior? Do you want to take a free SAT or ACT test? Most seniors will qualify for a fee waiver. Stop by B100 to receive a test fee waiver.

SAT/ACT Tests  

Many 4-year colleges and universities require students to take either
the SAT or ACT test. Some schools also require the SAT 2 or Subject tests. Most
SAT tests will be offered at Maui High. ACT tests are offered at St. Anthony
School. Test dates and deadlines can be obtained from the Maui High Test Dates
link. Free SAT and ACT prep materials and a free online SAT and ACT prep program
are available for students in B100.
A Few Reasons Why You should Attend a College Session
Meeting a college rep is the next best thing to being on a college campus.  Most students will attend a college without ever having visited it first.  College reps are the most current source of information about their school, including admission requirements and scholarships.  College reps are often deans of admissions and will look at applications from Maui High and determine who gets in.  When are they coming?  Here is a list of upcoming college visits to Maui High.  Interested students must sign up in B100.
College Events (sign up in B100)

Date                        Time              Period          College/University                                      Location

 May 12                                                            ROTC Scholarship              

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
All students considering college as a post-secondary option are highly recommended to fill out the FAFSA form for financial aid to help pay for college.  Completion of the FAFSA will determine eligibility for federal and school financial aid including scholarships and grants (free money).  Students may complete the FAFSA form starting Oct 1.  FAFSA workshops will be offered to Maui High students starting in October.  Prior to Oct 1st, students and parents may complete the FAFSA4caster, which gives an early estimate of a student's eligibility for financial student aid.  It also allows students to transfer all of your data to the actual FAFSA since it is run by the same government site.
SOAR (Student Online Achievement Resources) Hawaii
Web-based program for students & parents that focuses on math, reading & language arts. Also has free SAT/ACT online prep courses.
NCAA Eligibility for Athletes
Student athletes interested in participating in NCAA Div. 1 or 2 athletics need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.  Students may access the eligibility website  for registration and additional information.  There is a $70 registration fee.  Fee waivers are available from Mr. Iwata in B100 for students on free or reduced lunch.
Running Start
Do you want to experience college and get a head start on your college degree?  Maui High juniors and seniors are eligible to take college courses at Maui College. The running start program allows high school students to earn both high school and college credit in 100 level or higher courses at UH Maui College.  Interested students should meet with their counselor.  Scholarships are available for students on free or reduced lunch.  See your counselor in B100 for more information.
Opportunity to receive free SAT/ACT tests and college applications fee waiver
Students on free/reduced lunch qualify for free tests and college applications by visiting Mr. Iwata in B100. Students who do not qualify for free/reduced lunch, are encouraged to apply for a TRIO program, which qualifies students for additional assistance with college applications, financial aid, scholarships, as well as free SAT and ACT tests and college applications. Applications for the TRIO program are available in B100.
Common Application
Nearly 500 schools will use the common application for admissions.  The common application is available at  
College Admissions Terminology  
Early Decision -- Students must attend the institution and withdraw all other applications if accepted.
Early Action -- Students will receive an early decision from the school.  
Rolling Admissions -- Schools will review applications as soon as it is received.
Priority Deadline -- Applications received by this date will be given priority consideration for admissions and financial aid.
Regular Deadline -- Final date students may submit applications.  Scholarships and grants (free money) may be limited by this date.
Students will have until May 1st to decide and notify the school they choose to attend.
Many schools do not use the SAT or ACT tests for admission, or
entry into the school.  A list of these schools is available at  Please be advised schools on this list may still require
tests for placement into college level courses, or if a minimum grade point
average is not met.  

Employment Opportunities
Looking for a part-time job? A representative from the Workforce Development Division Office (Employment Services) will be in B100 every Tuesday to help you. Sign up at the Counseling & Career Center (B100).
The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test will be offered at Maui High School.  The primary purpose of the ASVAB test is to help students and school counselors discover where a student's basic aptitude lies.  The primary purpose is not for enlistment in the military (although the test scores can be used for military enlistment.)  Test results will only be released to the student and the school.  No student information will be released to the military services through the ASVAB test.  Students interested in taking the ASVAB test must sign up in B100.
How to set up a meeting with the Post-Secondary Counselor
Students and parents are welcome to set up an individual meeting with Mr. Iwata.  Students may walk in to B100 and sign up on the board.  Students and parents may also send questions or meeting requests via email to